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I know this has been beat to death. But, I have my engine apart doing some mods and I took one of my injectors to the local shop to have it flow tested.

The injector has the following numbers on it:
XS4U-AA 0 280 155 887.

The flow bench was used in MPI mode which pulses the injector at what looks to be a 50% duty cycle. It runs at 40 psi.

When the test was run it flowed 49cc in 30 seconds. That, by itself, doesn't mean very much.

But, when you consider that a Bosch 0 280 150 756 injector from a Turbo T-Bird flows 71cc on the same bench, then we can crunch some numbers.

The T-Bird injector is rated at 32 lb/hr @ 45psi.
It is also rated at 27.82 lb/hr static flow @ 39.16 psi.

So, on the bench it would flow 142 cc/min @ 40psi.

The stock Focus flows 98 cc/min @ 40psi.

Conversion [1 cc/min] of gasoline = .095895 #/hr

You can do the rest of the math which ever way you want.

I came up with an injector that flows about 19 lb/hr static flow and about 17 lb/hr @ 85% duty cycle.
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