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My car has almost 26,000 miles.

I have had a stumble at idle for several weeks.

Approximately a month ago the IAC was replaced under warranty and everything was allegedly set to spec.

I have no discernible vaccum leaks.

I did replace the ignition wires and for two days the stumble went away and the idle was smooth as glass.

Now it's back again and also, perhaps as coincidence, it started this past Monday when it began to rain and has done so through today.

In addition to this, I have noticed an oily build-up on the back (facing the firewall) of the coil. There is no apparant leak from the valve cover to warrant an oily build-up. Is it possible that oil is leaking from the coil and thus causing it to overheat and break-down, and that's assuming that a coil is still filled with oil.

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