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It finally happened after two years of complaining about the way my car handled and reading in frustration about how other peoples cars drive in this forum it happened. I made some changes listed below an in some other posts last week and today I got to test them out. WOW
I can't believe how much more fun this car is, it reacted to everything I tried today even small things like 4psi pressure changes!! I now also know what passive rear steering is and I like it!! I'm going to have to explore it further but now I know what it feels like.

With the help of some veteran drivers today I progressively knocked more and more time off my runs each time the car getting better. I'm so sure I could have gotten into the 50's if we had more than 4 runs.

With the car like this I can finally start tuning on it and it reacts to very small changes and it's noticeable! For instance on my 3rd run I ran my rears at 40psi and my rear shocks at setting 12. After looking at my tires, I chalked them for reference
I decided on my 4th run to drop my pressure down to 36psi in the rear and turn my shocks down 2 clicks. The result I dropped just over 1sec!

I'm just so happy now I'm actually giddy I can't wait to get back out there tomorrow morning. 1st car off in just over 13hours!!!!

Old Setup
Front: 2."x 275lb x 8" Springs over Leda strut -2" drop
Rear: 60mm Drop springs Leda shock.
Wheels Tires 18x8" TD Monza, Toyo T1S 215/35/18

New Setup
Front: 2.5" x 375lb x 8" Springs over Leda Strut ( 1" lower than stock.)
Rear: Ground Control with 2.5" x 350lb x 8" springs Leda Shock. (Stock height.)
Wheels Tires: Stock 15" Focus wheels 205/50/15 Azenis.

I was running my fronts at 46psi should I go up any more?? I was chalking them and it did rub off but I'm not sure if that’s due to lack of air pressure?

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CONGRATS on the Satisfaction!!

As far as the front tires go, I don't know how you chalked them, so I can't say.
Get w/ some veterans on another chalking session to decide.
After you find an ideal pressure, you'll want to keep a good guage handy to bleed air as pressures build.
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