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Sukuza F1 race tonight - Good one!

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Looks like the makings of another really good F1 race tonight!
It started raining towards the end of qualifing yesterday, so all the really fast guys got slowed up and therefore are starting towards the back. M Schumacher on p14, Kimi p8, Ralf starting from the pits. Barrichello and Montoya are 1-2, and both are battling for the constructor race. Toyota had their best every starts with 3 and 4.

Kimi needs to finish first to win world championship, with M Schumacher getting no points. M Schumi needs to finish in the top 6 to lock in win, but has to claw his way up through the pack from 14th.

No rain is forecasted for tonight's race, so it should be jam packed full of dive bombing corners at 190 mph, and other craziness. And this track has to be one of the absolute most fun looking track anywhere!

Race starts for us west coast guys at 10 pm, 1 am for EST peeps.

Last race of the season too.
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Hell yeah, I will be watching it tonight. I am in the middle of putting together a 1:20 scale BMW powered Williams F1 Tamiya model... F1 races are inspiration for me to work on it more often.
Its 1:45 now...and I'm watching Shumacher dice up the field from 12th!!! Lets see what you think it'll rain???


6 World Championships! Amazing! Even though he squeaked into it, he did it. And I am so impressed with Barrichello. He did his job like a real team player. He knows his role in the team and is comfortable with it. Schumacher needs to kick his brothers a$$ and buy Rubens a boat.

I am a devoted Senna fan, but even if he had lived I don't think he would have done this. Congratulations Michael.....
Yup, awesome race. Montoya was absolutely on fire until his engine or tranny let go. And Alonso had one less stop than Barrichello, until he's blew up also.

But I'm definitely glad to see Michael Schmumacher win this though. I really like the fact that even though winning isn't new to him, everytime he's on the podium, he looks as excited as if its his first win ever.

I'm thinking Renault's looking really good for next year though.

Go Minardi!
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