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super glue removal, and other questions

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F*** me!, it seemd like everything i touched today stop working or f'd up i was putting in a thin neon rope light in my car arround that groove arround the cd player and ac knobs and caross the dash and keeping it in there with super glue, needless to say the glue got all over and wont come off i used alcahol and that took the finish off of the silver and now theres a streak of black thank god im getting a dask kit and on top of that the light doesnt work now i have it hard wired into this that that plugs into the cig lighter and it has i guess a metal bar that you touuch the ends of the wires to and then clamp down it worked before i put it in an now it still works b/c it makes this beeping noise when its on, but the light wont light up, and my other neons that i had in my car worked until yesterday and then when i was bored i decided to clean up the custs and hide the wires a bit better, now they ont work either and i have no idea why everything i have touched has ceased to function, so mw my car looks like ****, super glue an unsightly black mark and wires all over and the neons wont work on to of that my antenna snapped off last week whn my dad was brushing snow off the car someone help me with possibilties of fixing some if theese things, this series of events gone awry has totally ruined easter PLEASE HELP or at least gimme some pity
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i feal for you man. wish i could help
Try using some nail polish remover on the superglue...though it might screw the dash up.
acetone should get the glue off
for super glue, go to walmart brign 5 bucks, go to the auto section, pick up 3m adhesive remover. works and doesn't damage a thing, for interior i would spray it on a cloth first. just read the back of the can and make sure it wont harm, but i know it works great on exterior. its in a green blue can. for neons, check grounds and fuses. unfortunatly your description of setup really isn't to detailed
well the neon set up is like this 2 up under where your feet rest, and another beetween the driver seat and the console and the string light i explained before they were origionaly all had the cigarette lighter plug but i cut them of split the two wires and stripped them to expose the wires, now the thing it wires into plugs into the cig lighter and has 2 hoses with like some metal thatits supposed to touch, and then theres two like clips above them that hold it im place exactly like how you wire in speakes on most stereos, that the best i can explain it
Also, super glue melts most polycarb and ABS plastics. The Acetone will definitely melt the plastic as well.
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