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suspension help needed

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currently running stock dampers on Ground Countrol Coilovers (eibach springs). Im estimating my car to be dropped around 2.5 to 3".

Problem 1. My shocks = blown to hell. My car bounces all over the road.

Problem 2. I need some new struts/shocks however I don't know what to buy. Koni "yellow" / Eibach Pro. However the eibachs are half the price (around 300$)

Can anyone assist in this purchase? I am totally lost as to what to buy.

Also, will I need to get anything else besides the Struts / shocks. I was reading something about the bump stops from new edge performance on another post in this forum....

any help would be appreciated. ty.
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koni adjustables will work very nice with the ground controls. a guy in my club has that setup on his zx3 and it's very nice.
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