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svt front brake pads.

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I posted this in the brake forum and didn't really get any response. Anyone tried the mintex pads yet? Bat inc sells them for 60 bucks.

Those who have replaced their pads on your svtf, did you get the rotors turned? I know from the factory them have some grooves in them. I assume with turning them the grooves will be cut down and be gone. Anyone have any issues with this? Usually if my rotors are ok and I don't have the steering wheel shake or brake pulsation I don't get the rotors turned. I will just replace the pads. Is this bad or ok? I have never had a problem, but figured I would ask anyway.

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I ran Mintex on my GTI they were LOUD squealing and such i don't know about on the svt but you really couldn't get them to quit squealing. THey worked really really well though.
I haven't tried the Mintex front pads for the SVTF yet, but I had the Mintex front pads on my 2000 ZX3 and was VERY pleased with them. They were good for the street with a little less brake dust, and they were very good for autocross too; I didn't have any squealing or squeeking either. I didn't turn the rotors and I had no warping problems before or after; I'm definitely going to order the SVT Mintex front pads before the next autocross season in 2004.
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