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Hi my friend just bought the SVT, what does that usually run in the 1/4 mile.

secondly he will be looking for performance as well as appearance (lamps, hood) parts, what is a reliable quality site where he can find that.

Also are a lot of parts between the ZX3 and SVT interchangable..I thought the difference was the head and internals..howabut exhaust and all that.


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It'll run anywhere from 15.3-16.x depending on the course/driver, etc.

The best place to check out Focus parts is the sponsors... like the banners on the top of the page.

There is also an SVT-specific forum on FocalJet (down the page a little) where good ideas like this can be find. I highly recommend the search button for most items, as they've been cover a few times.

Engine and performance parts for the SVT are... for the most part... SVT specific. There are some exceptions, but no biggie.

Suspension parts are 100% interchangeable.
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