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SVT Seats on ZX3 little wiring help needed!!

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Ok I recently put it some SVT SEATS into my zx3 and I was wondering if anybody tried looking at the different wires and coming up with some Splicing to make the airbag light go off and the seatbelt to work!!I'm sure it cant be that hard but just wondering if anybody has done this!!because I know there are a few with svt seats in thier zx3!!ANYBODY?
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LOL..I did the same mod as you did last month! I would sa search, because I did post some 'How to do". This is what i did:

Look under the SVT seat and find the matching 2 color coded wires from the zx3 seat. Splice them together and use your stock harness with the svt wires on them to connect to your harness on the floor board. Do a search on SVT seat wiring.. I know my "how to do" is in there. Good luck
I found your how to do and it really didnt tell me much!! I understand what you saying about using a stock harness but my wires dont even close to match the colors of the svt!! I got red and green black and red and yellow and blakc and brown and red!! do you have the colors and you can look at cause Im just gonna cut the harness off and splice them in permanent like atleast tell me what color the airbag ones are svt and zx3 and which ones are seatbelt one svt and zx3 Please!!
Make certain you know what you are doing with those wires. The Signals the Restraints controller gets from those wires affects how all your airbags and seat belt tensioners function.

I would suggest getting a Service DVD that will callout which wire is which. gives you one if you donate some $$ to them.

Your safety system is not a place for the ghetto mod.
Good luck.
Well, what year is your ZX3? I have an 02 ZX3 and the wire colors that you need from the SVT matches the 2 wire colors from the zx3 seats. If I remeber from somebody with an old post, the wires changed, but I could be wrong.

Ok.. just checked my wiring scheme at.. Try to follow this:


White & Black --- Yellow/Red & Brown/Red
Red & Black ----- Yellow & Brown


Yellow/Black & Yellow/Brown --- Red & Black
Red/Black & Green/Red --------- Beige & Blue (baby blue)

Goes like this.. e.g.
White goes to Yellow/red, Black goes to Brown/Red
Yellow/Black goes to Red etc...

IF you still have problem. PM me and maybe we can discuss this over the phone to make life easier. Good luck
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Yes I have an 02
I will probably try it tomorrow cause ive been working 14 hours and its just too confusing for me right now!! I will let you know tomorrow on my progress
he prob, had side air bags in the zx3 and not in the SVT
Sorry to jump in...which wires are for the power seat portion on the SVT seats? Thanks.
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Hmm.. I don't have side airbags so can't help you out on that part.. I don't have the power option connected.. Have to find some type of power source to get it connected to. Not sure if it has two wires or or not.. Cause I'm thinking just hook it up to the ground and splice red wire (if existance) to a fuse. I'll check it out sometime
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