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SVT Short Shifters

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Question: Which short shifter do you have?

Im pondering between the Ford Racing (steeda) and a Focus Central. I want one that reduces the shift a lot more, anyone know which one reduces more and by how much? Also I have heard RUMORS of the FC ones breaking, anyone have these break on them? I plan on getting it in the next few days hope you guys can help, im tired of this stock shifter :p
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agreed do the steeda STS.
do it... do it... do it... lol i dont realy like focus central so i have to say steeda
so is focus-central ONLY good for their TBs? lol

anyone know how much reduction the steeda gives?
so is focus-central ONLY good for their TBs? lol

anyone know how much reduction the steeda gives?
IMHO, FC isn't good for anything.... everything I've dealt with has been poor quality, including my ORP I have on the car right now.

Though yes, their TB seem to be better than their other products.
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I've used the Steeda on my Stang and also my SVTF, good STS, can't really go wrong with this shifter...
Get the Ford Racing version. It's cheaper and pretty much exactly the same thing as the Steeda. I actually bought the Ford Racing one and I like it a lot.
i hear the ford racing is the steeda one just cheaper
so i AM getting the ford racing one
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Focus Central

^^^^^is what ford racing is
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Focus central sucks! its a chopped down stick! u gotta reach down to shift
I'll chime in and say I love my steeda!

And a VF rear mount.
Iv'e got the Ford Racing one. Its cool, although its still a ways to the right going into 5th and 6th from 4th.
STEEDA/FRPP whichever is cheaper at the time. They are BOTH the SAME
Love mine to death! Dont forget the VF Engineering Lower Dogbone mount.
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i have the steeda and wouldnt get anything else
steeda.. i love it. only complaint is my shift knob didnt line up at first.. steeda though, for sure.
Go with the Steeda, you'll be glad you did. It was the first Mod I did, well after I took off the antenna.
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