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svt suspension(any reccomendations?)

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My svt suspension came in today and was wondering if there is anything else I need. I am putting it on an 05 SE and will wount the sway bar with the d-clamps and some HD muffler pieces as described in another post. I also ordered the rear 21mm sway bar kit? Is there anything else i need such as camber plates or other bushings?
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you can run the F2 camber plates for some added grip if you wish, but they arent needed.
I GUARANTEE that you will not need the F2 camber adjusters.
The drop should not be enough to require correction.
Left/Right MATCHING MAY be a reason for camber adjustment, but the F2 plates do not adjust in small increments.
They are an option if your sides MATCH, but you need to dial in an EQUAL amount of Positive or Negative camber on EACH side.
With this setup, I don't see that as a likely necessity.
Look at the SPC plates for a decent priced option if you have a need to match your Left and Right sides.
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Make sure that you reset the rear suspension design height setting to both pre-load the suspension and to make sure that you're in the correct camber range.

Trust me, I did this on my sedan.

All Focus rear suspensions, except Wagon & SVT, are supposed to be set to 113mm at factory. I simply took this down by about 6mm or approximately 1/4".

I also replaced the rear lower control arm bolts, outer and inner (and the inner also adjust your toe-in/out) and the rear lower shock bolts and some liberal use of anti-seize.

Always torque the bolts both to the correct specification and as required (i.e. rear shock lower bolts are to be torqued when the vehicle is on the ground).

Good luck.
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