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Originally posted by Travis:
I was just popping in some data on some fairly accurate calculators and with a 3.0 L pushing 300 horse at the wheels weighing in at 2650 pounds with driver and car... your talking 12 flat.. ofcourse thats a "perfect run with no wheel spin" Thats an incredible time.. with a super pushing it into the 500 at wheel range your talking 10 second car not far away since the S/C brings you to 400 without an intercooler.. just add NAWS
... just damn wow... Talk about hauling ass... even at just the stock swap in with a good traction setup your talking about 13.5 with 200 at the wheels... Turbos are great and everything but nothing can compare to raw Supercharged/ N/A power. ofcourse I need a more accurate calculator to make sure but id say all those estimates are good to atleast the +.5 side of things.
<font size="2" face="Verdana, Arial">Sounds like car test to me....
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