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t04e vs t04b compressors

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ok guys, help me out, whats the major differences other then the t04e being more efficient

MOST IMPORTANTLY, is the compressor physically larger and if so, by how much and does anyone have any exterior measurements of the 2?

Please help me out, thnx
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Sorry don't have any outer dimensions of the compressor handy here.
T04E compressor outlet is 2" / compressor inlet is 2.75"
I can measure the housing tonight and post up the info.

The main difference is in the flow capacity between the two. T04E compressors have more trim choices. I would opt for a T04E over a T04B anyday.

These are Garrett specs, any afterworked turbo may slightly differ from these. Use as a guideline.
Common T04B compressors:
S trim (37 lb/min)
V trim (48 lb/min)
H trim (49 lb/min)

Common T04E compressors:
40 trim (36 lbs/min)
46 trim (41 lbs/min)
50 trim (47 lbs/min)
54 trim (45 lbs/min -- note that the 54 trim flows less than the 50 trim)
57 trim (49 lbs/min)
60 trim (50 lbs/min)

A 57 or 60 trim T04E is a good compressor, but you have to mate it with the correct a/r turbine housing for your application.

Hope that helps some.............
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hmm....will naz hit 450whp soon?
hmm....will naz hit 450whp soon?
<shudders and tingling spine>

I think the to4e has the large compressor housing while the to4b has the medium size housing. I have an s-trim to4b and can take some measurements for you if you are still interested.
here are some pics...the turbine housing is a .48 so you can see the compressor housing doesn't dwarf the turbine housing like some to4e's do. Good flow in a nice sized package.

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I never realized that the T04b compressors seem so small. The T04e compressor I have is larger than the .63a/r turbine housing it is coupled to. It is still larger than the .82a/r turbine that will replace the .63a/r housing soon.
What are the compressor inlet and outlet sizes of your T04b?? I wonder if they are the same or different?

Anymore the price difference between T04B and T04E equipped turbos is not enough to rationalize going with a T04B over a T04E compressor. Unless you get a smoking deal on a T04B.

I also find that the new four bolt Garrett turbines (like pitured above) have an edge on the usual five bolt turbine housings (older Garretts, Turbonetics, etc) It has alot to do with the inlet angle and offset.
Now if you are taking about a percision turbine housing.....well that is another story, those turbines are great.

And to throw in some extrs T04 compressor info, try these T04S compressors out for size compared to a T04E compressor.
60-1 (flows a sh!tload)
62-1 (bigger yet)
I don't have the flow ratings at hand but the compressor size is much larger than the T04E copmpressors.
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I know the inlet is 2.75 I don't remember what the outlet is but it's most likely 2". I can check tonight.
T04E's are typically more efficient. T04B is an earlier design.

Here is what a T04E .60 A/R compressor housing looks like on a Focus:

Here it is more close up:
This is before the extra work was done

And after
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...what is that giant thing capable of putting out? How many of you guys are shooting for astronomical powered Zetecs? I know Nazthug hinted...but I never knew you could get something like that onto a Zetec.

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will it fit in the engine bay?! :p
It's pretty big, you should see the one on the FC turbo car. It makes mine like look like and oreo compared to a big rig tire.
This one is capable of about 400whp...maybe 450 if I push it hard. At some point I'm probably going to be switching to something more like a 60-1 hybrid. But that's after the motor and engine management. Should have Pectel next month. So I'm just lacking the power plant to put this crap to use.
will it fit in the engine bay?! :p
It's been in the car for over 3 years. I blew the motor last year and that's when I took those pics
oh.. cool

any modifications needed to be done for it to fit? seems pretty slim in there
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the collector flange had to be moved closer to the radiator about 1" for it to fit. there is only about 1/4" on either side of the compressor housing. It's an extremely tight fit. Took a custom manifold for it to work. If you find someone that makes a manifold with top mount turbo it would fit alot better and have room for something even bigger.
Go back and look at the won't see another one like it.
hey econo, thats huge, can u do me a favor?

Can you measure the compressor, at the largest diameter? Like where the vacum niple is, straight across the center to the other side? That looks HUGE, are all t04e compressors the same, regardless ar and wheel size?

Hmm...not sure, i just wanna make sure it fits
hey econo, thats huge, can u do me a favor?

Can you measure the compressor, at the largest diameter? Like where the vacum niple is, straight across the center to the other side? That looks HUGE, are all t04e compressors the same, regardless ar and wheel size?

Hmm...not sure, i just wanna make sure it fits
No they are not all the same. The A/R (aspect ratio) determines the size of the housing. So you could get a .50 A/R T04E housing and it will be considerable smaller. It will be a PITA to measure my turbo because of fitment. If I don't have anything else to do I will, and I have alot to do right now
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to those thatknow, how much bigger is a .63ar turbine to a .48turbine, physical outside dimensions, just need to know for fitment issues on the fmax setup where the turbine comes really close to the head

are you using a .63ar turbine housing?

With that huge compressor, when do you make boost and when do you make fulll boost???
No, its a .48 A/R with Stage 3 wheel. I get full boost (9psi for now) at around 3800rpms. Kinda high, but it makes up for it top end. Before the Trubendz 3" Flex and Catback I made 217whp and 219ft-lbs with a Stock shortblock, stock head, stock cam motor.
The only other power producing mods are FC TB and FC Pullies. Now imagine what it could do with a fully built head and some crazy cams. I am taking the car to the dyno again once I get the new fuel pump in.....mine died. Should be about 2 weeks till I get to the dyno. I want to see how much of an improvement this exhaust made. It sure does feel different.
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