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I replaced the air filter when I did the plugs the first time, didn't think anything could have gone wrong but I'll just take it out and install again.

The mechanic also OK'd the smoked intake and cleaned the mass air flow filter. How would I find out if the cat is plugged?

The thing that baffles me most (beside the overall low fuel economy), is that it got worse after driving in the snow and stayed that way.
I’d check your egr valve, mine is ticking at me and my cars idle sounds like it’s moving all the time. I don’t have a cel for it but it’s a 21 year old part that’s stuck shut. The egr valve basically sends some fumes to be recycled into the exhaust for more fuel economy. You may notice your car smelling weird if it’s bad. When I replaced my coil pack from the original I noticed a little improvement in performance
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