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Test drove the SRX yesterday.

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With our family expanding, I Finally convinced the wife to trade in the RX300 so we went to the cadillac dealer. The RX300 only seats 5 and we're going to need more room pretty soon. It was tough to convince her not to get another Pilot because she loves mine. The power delivery of the SRX is sooooo smooth. You jam down on the accelerator and the thing just keeps pulling. I love that ultra view sunroof also. We're not going to be able to order it for ~ 6 months though because they're not giving GMS discounts on the first batch of SRX's. Oh well, that gives us time to save up a fat down payment. I really like the V8 engine, the onstar would make me feel better about her driving around with the kids, (and the best part), she already gave me permission to look into some DUBS for it.
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niiiice, blingin while haulin the kids heheh. what size are on your Pilot, were those 22's?
Yeah, those are 22s. The wife doesn't want that big of a tire/rim on her ride though. She doesn't want to attract too much attention. The tough part is going to be finding some lightweight 20s, so that it doesn't bog down those 320 horses. If I can't find something light enough, then i'll just leave the stock 17s on it. I still need to check out it's towing capacity.
Hey RoRo, you got any pictures of those 22s on the Pilot...would love to see it....
ohhh there WAS a thread in Team Rigz called "Deuce Deuce" but the pics aren't loading
FX45 over SRX anyday. Although, the SRX is pretty nice, I just think it is over priced.
yeah but he's looking for something bigger. FX45 = same size more or less as his RX300
Nice choice to look at.The November 2003 Car and Driver magazine has the Cadillac SRX V-8 going up against the Infiniti FX45,Porsche Cayenne S and the VW Touareg.The SRX came in first place against the others.The magazine states that the SRX's towing capacity is 3500 pounds.The available third row seat is certainly an added bonus.
Jared, the pictures should be loading from that deuce deuce topic, they're working for me.

Here's one:

One thing about that 3rd row power seats is that it takes forever and a day when you push that button for the seats to go down. And that's where Cadillac sticks it to you also, you can't even get the 3rd row w/o the power option. So you can't have it w/o the $1000 price tag of the power option.

Oh about the SRX being overpriced, with the GMS discount I can pick one up fully loaded for about $2000 more than an FX45 w/ no options. We did go to the Infiniti dealer several months ago and just like on the SRX, any options jack the price wayyyyyyy up there. I really like the Infiniti FX45 with the stock 20s and everything else about it, but I still need more room on the inside. As someone else stated, the FX45 seats just as many as the RX300 we have now. I haven't test driven an FX45, so I can't comment on the power. I test drove the SRX and I can tell you the power is there and plenty of it.

I might not even want to do anything to it besides putting tv/dvd combo on the inside for the kids. This is finally one vehicle where I would leave it alone and not mod it.
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