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Test Mode on the gauge cluster...

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Does anyone have list of what each option does/shows?
The only ones I know for sure, are some of the obvious ones, like the gauge sweep, idiot lights, and my current favorite the digital tach.
But, I know there are quite a few different options on there, and I just wanted to know if anyone has a list(in order) of the functions.

BTW, if you don't know what I'm talking about, next time you start your car push in the Trip meter reset button before you turn your key, then hold it until the LCD screen reads "Test", then release it. After that, if you push the button in, it will dsiplay a few different things. I think the digital tach is option 8.

Latre, Al
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Ok, did a Search and found a link to that showed a little about it. Linky
I went ahead and printed off the DTC list, and I am going to toy with the test mode to see what I can do.
Usually I am pretty good at messing things up, so I will see what kind of damage(If any), I can do with the test mode.
And yes kids, I am kidding when I say I am going to try and break something through the test mode.

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