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Texas Roadhouse meet

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i've been wanting to have a local meet before summer ends. so i thought we could have a TR meet in green bay. let's make this happen before it's too late.
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i can't do the weekend of the 15th actually. so the 8th or the 22nd? sorry guys. i can do appleton if that works for everyone.
and nothing is damaged. i honestly spent over 2 hours trying to align it.
Just get those wooden shims and put one in each side and bottom....
i'll have to try that for sure. what do you guys think of the 22nd?
damn. would the 8th work for some? otherwise we'd have to do it later.. unless we can meet in the morning on a weekday? which i doubt will work for anyone. lol
we could prolly do it in october... i know there is a meet being planned in oshkosh, around maybe the 23rd? look on ff.
didn't find anything.
I'm down to represent NW IL if its in Appleton if the weekend chosen works for my schedule.
we'll keep you updated luke.
So are we doing this the 8th? Or holding off?
unfortunately i have to work the 8th. speedfeet, we are planning a meet (on FF) for Sept 22-23 or sometime in October. i'll write in here what's going on, maybe post a thread if it's official.

btw, are you available weekday mornings? i'm usually bored unless i work. maybe we can just have a few cars meet up.
Yeah, usually my mornings / early afternoons are one, just let me know
Oshkosh grill n' chill meet. sunday, sept 23. 2pm. bring some sort of food or beverage to share. i'll bring dogs and buns.
be there or be square.
better be. can you make it speedfeet?
Nevermind i forgot i have a meet of my own on the 23rd u guys should come lol.. Wats speedfest?
i said speedfeet. talking to that guy^^
Possibly, my wife is supposed to deliver our first kiddo the following week, so we'll see....
21 - 40 of 74 Posts
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