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Thanks for the Koni Kit Tony

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The ride is alot better even on the softest setting but im wondering how far i can adjust these. seems like the max is 2 full turns which is 4 different settings, and what is recommended in the focus more stiff in the front or back?
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Many of the autocross/road race guys like the rears set stiffer than the fronts, but you will have to experiment with that. A lot depends on how you like a car to react.

Tony D
Your Koni dealer
I love this suspension and my car handles awesome. Im still playing with the adjustments. I will try one half setting in the back and softest in the front tomorrow. I had it a full turn in the front and back it drives very stable until you go over some bad bad roads which are everywhere, but i bet it will be fun at the track.
Glad to hear you like it!!

Adjustability is a wonderfull thing!

Tony D
Your Koni Sport Kit Dealer.
I have quite a few other Focus owners asking about this kit, glad I have them in stock!!

Tony D
Tony. Could you tell me the spring rates please.
Big Al,

I would if I knew what they were!!

Koni, and most spring manufacturers will not share that info, they say it is proprietary! If I had access to a spring rate checker, I would check them myself.

Tony D
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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