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The All Encompassing Intake Thread...

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...Well, it's not all encompassing yet. But with people's contributions, it can be.

I've noticed an influx of intake questions as of late, and since this seems to be most peoples' first mod and it is relatively simple, we should be able to compile a GREAT list when we put our heads together.

So if everyone could contribute their personal intake experiences, I'll occasionally edit this post w/ updated information. I'd just like everyone to post up here with the brands/combinations/sizes of parts they've used, even if ghetto rigged. Let us know what you've tried and what you've liked best. I'll start.


Stock--relatively boring, hence the upgrade.
Stock w/ CoolFlo--nice change, a bit more pickup, nice sound.
Coolflo w/ Iceman upper--much deeper tone, nice feel when mashing the gas from a roll.
Coolflo w/ Iceman upper w/ 3" dryer vent hose replacing the snorkel; routed to lower grill--not too much change, just maybe less heatsoak.
Iceman Upper/stock MAFS/fudged-up AEM knockoff/AEM bypass/ITG from Focussport--to quote Gabriel: "Like Holy WHOA! " This is rocking! The Iceman and CoolFlo mix was rocking, too, but DAYUM! This FRANKINTAKE really hits hard at all RPM's. So far, this is my fave. The Iceman/CoolFlo combo is my second fave.


Stock - yeah right
Stock/resonator delete - throaty sound still stock though
MAC Intake - awesome sound+quality..great intake for sub 70 degree weather


STOCK INTAKE + CONE FILTER (sounds even better)
EBAY CHEAPO SHORT RAM had to be modified to accept a 60mm MAF.

for the sound, the short ram is my favorite but I hate it for the lags on hot summer day

for performance, my all time favorite is the stock intake/panel/svt snorkle lags at any rpm, pretty silent


Stock -
RED(if that makes a difference) iceman - little better off the start. nicer sound
AEM cold air - more power throughout the band compared to the iceman. awsome sound


iceman upper w/cone filter on maf = little more power and ALOT more induction noise
bombz cai= more lower end power, less noise and cool suction sound at wot


stock with res box removed = no power gain but more sound
stock tube with filter = more performance with noise
bomz cai = all around better exept in the winter i revert back to filter on the stock tube.

El Diablo:

AEM CAI = More sound , more power (top end)

FS Cool Flo = my winter setup = Same gain compared to AEM CAI but, a bit less of power in the top end....


Stock-Boo, what is that a sneeze?
Weapon-R Intake-Holy Crap I think I [censored] myself.


Ebay Short Ram intake... works pretty good so far. Will see how it does in hotter weather.

This intake is freakin awesome, anyone else w/ one will and can agree.


Was runnig a BOMZ. I have had 2 BOMZ CAI's and I THOUGHT they were good. With all the uproar over intakes on the boards I go to, I tried a little experiment.

First off: The BOMZ...OK I guess, and cheap to boot.

So I switched to my BPT intake with a Ractive filter. We all know Ractive filters suck, but it still kicked the BOMZ azz all over the road.

Then I switched to an ICEMAN upper with a Pro-M 70mm MAF. This is what I'll be runing from now on. It kicks any other CAI I tried to the curb. So from now on it's an ICEMAN upper with a MAC filter and a 70mm Pro-M MAF.

Sorry Tin, just more taillights for you!! ( <-- We'll see...)


Stock TB
Stock tube to TB
Stock MAF
Conical Filter with bottom of airbox (so it doesnt rest on the metal)

Loud, quick starts, and pulls a lot until your past 50. But loud.


Stock - yeah, we all know that one.

Stock box with resonator delete and K+N panel filter - nice growl, some more pull, but lacking in overall WHOA factor.

3" inlet K+N cone filter (RE-0930) grafted onto the stock MAF, stock tubing from the MAF back - MUCH better response and pull "out of the hole" and when rolling on in 2nd and 3rd (auto). Also has quite the wicked snarl to it under load, especially when the secondaries open!

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i baught and modified a apc intake from advanced auto parts and it worked good for a while until i found out the flex pipe kept cracking so i just broke down and went on ebay and baught a bomz short ram got it in 2 days ago and installed it sounds beter plus i cut off my lunchbox and i run 93octane in my car on top of bosc plugs and wires so it runs and sounds beter.
Your ecu is tuned for 87 octane. I tried 89 and 93 a few times in mine and it ran way worse and gas mileage was crappy.

There is NO reason to pay that much for 93 when it does nothing for the car.
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