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Name: Cody
Location: Albuquerque (ABQ) NM
Car:08 Focus Coupe
Mods: FSWerks air intake, Pulleys, Steeda Short Throw,
-Mods coming in month or 2: FSWerks race exhaust, Cosworth intake manifold, Tune

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Name: Bob
Age: 31
Location: North Las Vegas, NV
Car: 2010 Focus S Sedan
Mods: FSWerks CAI & 91* Tune, Trubendz 2.5" Flexback, Prothane dogbone inserts, 8K Hid, FRPP drop, Steeda 21mm RSB, Sick Speed shift knob, Pioneer AVH-P3300 DVD player, Pioneer TS-A1302C 5-1/4 components in front door, Pioneer TS-A6882R 6x8's in rear doors, Audiobahn A2002J amp, Infinity Kappa 12 sub, 5% limo tint, 50% tint on windshield, ATS dtc superlight 7.5Jx17 wheels (16.5lbs ea) cheep 215/45-17 tires, some plasti-dip, 3D Carbon euro front lip (yet to install), Fog light bezels (for ram air intake to FSWerks CAI). I think that's all.

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Name: Jaime Q Juarez
Age: 32
Location: Phoenix AZ
Car: 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT
Mods: sweet & tangy, Carbon Fiber Hood, Poly Motor Mounts, Fidanza Light Weight Flywheel + Stage 1 Clutch, Carbon Fiber SRI, Ingall's Torque Dampner, Ksport Pro Kontrol Coilovers, Greddy Evo 2 Exhuast, DC rear tower strut bar. Ton of stuff removed from car to reduce weight.
Name is Jaime but go with Auricom on forums. I currently have owned a 3G Eclipse GT for a few years now. No boost just mods that would make most of it N/A.

I am here cuz I have alwayz wanted a SVT ZX5 with the Grey Color scheme. I dont think Ford ever made the ZX5 with that color scheme though. I will be on here periodically from time to time till i haz moniez for one. :d

Anywhoo, these are my plans and failure is NO option.

SVT ZX5 Focus
Suspension, BBK & wheels:
Tein SS
Enkei RPF1's in Bronze: 17x8 + 235 Falkens rated Y tires ... oh yeah!!
Moog Endlinks
Willwood BBK, Willwood Floating drilled/slotted rotors & Willwood Steel Braided Brake Lines for the win.

Clutch & Motor Mounts:
Fidanza Light Weight Flywheel + Stage 2 Kevlar Clutch kit
Polyurethane Motor Mounts
Ingalls Stiffy Dampner

Exhaust System & Engine Bolt ons:
Exhaust brand is n/a at this time /;
Long Tube Headerz
Throttle Body spacer

Weight Reduction Methods:
Sparco Bucket seats
Carbon Fiba OEM style hood
Rear seating, Windsheild Wiper Fluid Resivoire, Honda Optima Yellow top Battery re-located to rear seating area, Spare tire all will be done.

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I don't know if I ever even posted in here. I bought my '02 Focus new in Nov '01 in Ogden and sold it this summer in Oklahoma City with 137,500 damn-near trouble free miles. Bought a Jeep to replace it. I moved out of Utah in 04 and came back a couple of months ago.

Name: Jimmy
Location: South Ogden, UT
Age: 32
2012 Jeep Wrangler, 1966 Corvette
Mods: The Jeep's stock except for a shorty antenna and a pair of Rubicon rock sliders. The Corvette is mostly original...I swapped in a new transmission but the old one is in the garage, and the soft top has been replaced.

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My address is El Paso TX, but my phone keeps telling me I am Chaparral, NM. Plus I work in NM, in the middle of the desert. Seriously. 6 miles in turn right and 6 miles in. lol.

Name: James
Age: 43
Location: TX, but my phone says NM 4 miles from NM and 3 miles from El Paso.
Ride: 2001-Race Car, 2004 ST170 clone, 2013 ST, 2010 Renault Clio
Mods: Not enough, Not enough, only a couple, stock

The ST is the wife's not mine, but I drive it everyday for now.

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Name: mdfords
Age: old man
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Phone: PM me
Ride: 2014 Oxford White ST3
Mods: Stock

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I know this is an Old trend but....
Name: Jake
Location:Glendale AZ
Rides: zx3 Daily zetec almost 200k miles still drives like new.
second ride, Supercharged zx3.
Daily same some mods, still Buying and replacing parts and keeping up to date on maintenance, just making the car look like new and feel like new.

supercharged zx3
VF engineering super supercharger from focus sport (actually is a pro charger)
fully gutted with roll cage
Corbeau seats with 5-point racing harnesses
much much more.
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