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The long wait SVT exhaust kits... Now ready to ship!

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Hey guys,
Good news... It took us several months, but we have finally finished our SVT exhaust kits. Even better news... the SVT kits are the same price as our ZX3 kits.

As most of you know, there are some differences between the ZX3 and SVT exhaust system. We took a "two bird with one stone" approach with our SVT kits. We basically modified our ZX3 kit design so that it is now universal for both cars. Dont ask me how we did it, but just know that it works.

With that in mind, SVT owners can order right off our website. You'll notice the description has been changed to: ZX3/ZX5 and SVT. Our kits will fit them all.

FYI: There is still a different kit for the Sedan, if you are a sedan owner, you must mention this when ordering, so that you get the right kit.

Have a great day
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