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The madness inside the E.C.U.

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Im lost,,,,Xcal? How does it work? do i really need it for 5 psi? i have everything except E.C.U. tuning for the turbo project of mine witch i made myself. Should i buy injectors and let the stock program compensate air fuel ratio? How far will the computer go to keep 14.7 to 1? anybody know???Anybody bolt on boost with no flash? I cant loose any more sleep over this lol
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You absolutely must have proper tuning, period. The ecu WILL NOT COMPENSATE, someone last year tried to say this on a car they had setup and it was bs. We know that you must properly tune it. It also needs to be properly programmed for the injectors. You don't want 14.7:1 eitehr, you want 11.5-12:1.
As noted, you MUST have proper tuning if you want good performance and you'd like to have your engine last longer than a couple of weeks.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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