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The new C1 European Focus pic is here!!!

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This is the new European Focus, no the us version.


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AH! A compact Pacifica.
For some reason, I thought new Saab 9-3. Looks pretty good, IMHO from that view.
That thing is ugly.
Its all right it has bigger wheels and it is different but I liked the old body style euro better.
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I like the front so far. Looks bold and refined.
Wow, you guys mostly hate it? I kinda like it!
Well, it looks kinda cool, but when will America get the new design Focus?
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The slant of the rear window and the large rear over hang take away from the good looking front two thirds. Kind of wrecks the whole look.
That looks sick!
Now I really wish we would get it over here.
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Is that real? I don't trust it, but I think I dig it. I don't want one, because it is probably too big, but otherwise... I think it looks like a Mondeo and a Focus got together.
ghey. damn thing looks like an asstek.
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I can't wait to see the Coupe version!

This is amazingly high class looking for a Furd..

It looks very BMW'esque
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ghey. damn thing looks like an asstek.
Word... Look at that rear overhang!!! That's the ugliest badonkadonk ghetto booty on a car. That thing's rear IS asstek ugly. The front:
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the only thing i like is the flared fenders...otherwise i think it looks like a pacifica for sure....with aztek rear....and lexus is300 headlights
Yes, I think the rear looks a bit much, but I'm wondering if it's all exaggerated to confuse spies, etc.
I'm sorry but am i the only one that doesn't see any clear photo's of the rear of the car???

All the pics on the link with pics of the rear are Camo'd.
look at the rear glass...That slant angle is the same thing that the camo'd back shows, the length it goes back, matches up with the overhang. Camo or not, the excessive slant and the large rear overhang are both VERY real, VERY ugly, and spell the death of the focus.
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