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The new Crown Vicky XUBling

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Parked at the local walmart the other day and when i looked up i couldn't beleive it. Funny thing is this is becoming a pretty big trend down here in Miami with mostly huge old land yachts. Sorry the pix are a bit blurry but i took them with my phone since i didn't have Digi cam handy.

Ohh i almost forgot, the red truck in this first pic is a Lincoln Navigator!

My SVT is at Stock height!

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I'm all for putting the "dubs+" on a vehicle. Alot of them look cool.....but, when people put on these oversized wheel/tire combos and don't lower the vehicle. It looks <font color="red"> DUMB </font> . Its even worse when the new combo won't even fit in the wheelwell if it was lowered.
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IMO, huge, 20in+ rims look so stupid on any car, and most trucks. Yes, even on a big sedans like Crown Victorias or 94-96 Impala. 19s look so, so much better on those cars. But the new obsession is to get the biggest, most expensive piece of chrome you can find on your huge land yacht.
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