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Could use a little feed back.
I'm not sure what the drop is on the springs(Intrax), but i have the springs and sway bars-they used my car for testing.
The car handles incredible and really it was the sway bars that made the car complete. As you can see , it is stiff spring , but the ride is rough, especially on the roads here in L.A. and i've never gotten to like them.
So, my questions are to you. What is the drop on the intrax?
Second, as far as the middle of the road , it seems, that Steeda springs rate is middle of the road, where the H&R series are very similar to the stock SVT rates. Has anybody switch to different systems or can offer ride feel?
I've been to the track 6-7 times ,where i have close 70 k, so it is mainly a street driver.
I know that there's fellow on here here swtich to coil springs , which were stiffer , but the ride was better ,so i come to you guys?
Further, I do have the Koni's too.

F: 129 lb/in
R: 157 lb/in

F: 110 lb/in
R: 117 lb/in

S2: (dampers are stiffer)
F: 97 lb/in
R: 114-117 lb/in

Eibach Pro: 1.5”
F: 137 lb/in
R: 171 lb/in

Eibach Sportline: 2”
F: 131~262 lb/in
R: 102~171 lb/in

Progress: 1.8”
F: 142 lb/in
R: 160 lb/in

F: 136~160 lb/in
R: 190~280 lb/in

Intrax SVT Springs:
F: 225~275 lb/in
R: 275~325 lb/in

H&R Coilovers:
F: 370~460 lb/in
R: 260 lb/in

H&R Race: 2”/1.7”
F: 325 lb/in
R: 375 lb/in

H&R Sports:
F: progressive
R: progressive

Ground Control:
F: 450 lb/in
R: 450 lb/in

Tein S-Tech:
F:157 lbs/in
R:179 lbs/in

Tein Coilovers: (this was from another thread so I dont know if its correct)
F: 280-504lb/in
R: 392lb/in

Leda Coilover: (spring rates can be customized to user preference)
F: 460 lb/in
R: 380 lb/in

F: 333 lbs
R: Progressive

Tanabe GF210 series:
F: 324.1 lb/in (5.8kg/mm)
R: 173.6 lb/in (3.1kg/mm)

Apex: 1.5”
F: 150lb/in
R: 200lb/in

Goldline: 1.5”
F: 140/F
R: 170/R

Dynamic Suspensions: 1.25”
F: 111~160 lb/in
R: 100~280 lb/in

Suspension Techniques: 1.3”
F: 122~135
R: 178

Front: 125/154 progressive
Rear: 165/188 progressive

How spring rates work:

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I had Intrax spring with svt dampers and it was nice and smooth. Those Koni's make a much bigger difference in ride quality, I'll go out on a limb and guess you'll still nearly the same ride quality after switching springs if you keep the koni's.

Ok that said, drop amounts. Most manufacturers list the drop amount from a standard focus, not SVT. Except Intrax, the Intrax SVT springs were listed as 1.5" on the SVT. That would make for a 2"-2.25" drop when compared to other makes.

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That's funny I've always heard that steeda springs are just rebadged eibachs...

are you using the springs with stock dampers? If so they are probably blown completely so that could be your issue.

When traveling over a speed bump at under 5 mph. Will your suspension bounce, or bottom out when the front goes over it?

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Who are the b-g springs?

I did have the springs on before the Koni's which felt a little sloppy, then i put the Koni's. The Koni's made it better, but it was actually the sway bars that consumated the package.
There has to be other people who have tried other combinations?


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do not change your set up. i had the exact same as you have on my zx3 and changed it several times. BAD IDEA!!!! Believe me, your ride compared to being aggressive is about as good as its gonna get unless you wanna pay big bucks. I now have air but as far as springs. To me at least, compared to buying a new set up, unless you have buyers paying good dollars for your current set up. Stay where you are.
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