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This is going to be mine in a couple weeks...56k sorry...

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Going to pick this up from a friend in Phoenix on the 4th of Nov.. It is going to be my project car which will eventually be track worthy. My metal fab guy at work is going to help me build a cage for it when I'm ready for it. And I have a ton more resources at work that will be useful too. Right now the motor will do just fine the way it is, a L23 block with a L20 head with 10:1 compression and Mikuni ITB's w/ side exit exhaust up front. Can't wait, don't ever have to worry about smog on this. Just realized I will sort of have another 2.3.
It's the one on the right, my friend sold the one on right had a sr20det swap and front and rear fiberglass flared fenders, but cool to see what you can do to it.

pic of other cars motor, just a thought for the future...
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I just had the most evil idea involving a 510 and a Cosworth-built D23 on ITBs...
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i miss my old datsun....i shoulda kept it and just put a bigger motor in it
I like you thinking man. Has to be some way to do since the ranger is rwd just need to figure it out someday.
ALWAYS had a soft spot for these sedans; I was a kid when John Morton was tearin'it up on road courses across America.

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This one of my top 5 dream cars I want to own. I love the whole design of that car. It just flows!

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That guy went through all the trouble to build an awesome 510, and he used a carbureted turbo engine?
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510's with a SR20 are awesome!!
NICE! finally found a car louder than the 3, eh?

how's it getting home? does it drive?

Thanks you'll it's going to be alot of fun for sure. I'm going to trailer it back to be safe but it runs. Well see if it's louder when I get it, the race pipe is going on the 3 for drags on fri. I really like the yellow one, but have a weak spot for the BRE too. So too many decisions to think about right now. I'll post some engine pics when I get them.
OMG! I always wanted to track one of those! Awesome little platform. Congrats! I helped a buddy of mine build one a few years back, great project.
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I say drop either a VQ35DE engine in there or a RB25DET
i want a project non smog car so badly

between a 240z or a 510

id trade both my cars for one
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would definitely be a sr20det if I did anything someday...
No doubt those lumps that run on rice are nice, but I don't know all the in and outs of 'em.

Gimme a nasty natch asp 300 HP Duratec 4 banger with stand alone engine management, individual throttle bodies and a six speed manual...

As I said, I've loved those little see-dans for longer than most jetters have been breathing.

I'm not special; just old...
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