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Timing belt tensioner repair/replacement process

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Has anybody repaired the spring in the timing belt tensioner pulley assembly?

Or has anyone replaced their timing belt tensioner pulley (with tensioning assembly)?

Thanks. I know I related thread down below but figured this is more focused on repair than problem.

Thanks again.
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If I remember correctly the Focus was the first zetec with that spring tensioner. All older ones (ZX2 and escort) had old style tensioners that had to be tightened. Or I could be wrong and full of hot air
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on the escort we had at the shop, it was the old style tensioner, but the instructions on changing the timing belt had us install a new style tensioner with the spring.
Nice, didn't know they were swappable.
forgot to add that you can get a new tensioner for about $40 from Just go to their page and click on OEM Catalog at top. Select your vehicle and browse the mechanical catalog. It's in engine -> camshaft & timing -> tensioner.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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