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Hey, I just recived my adj. Timing gear and I was about to install. Do you guys have any advise about what timing is most effective for the Focus. Basically I'm currently running, Cold Air Intake, FC 3 piece Pulley kit, MagnaFlow Cat-back. No header or throttle body as of yet but there on my list of things to get. Do you think not having these components and adjusting my timing will be a waste of time because once I install all these new parts, things will change So I will just have to redo it. Reason I'm asking is because after I install my gears, I'm getting a test tune dyno to actually improve my Preformance but I dont want to just waist the money. thanks

Actually the values might still help you even after you add the header. The TB wont change the HP output. I know SCC didn't have to change the timing on their gears when they installed a race header. I'd say go and get it tuned now. And go with those value after the header as well. If you dont want to do that the only setting that i'd use would be 0,0. Foci dont have indexing pins on the cam so you cant use anyone elses cam timing values since all the cars are different. So my recommendation? Just go dyno tune it now, that's the only way to fly.
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