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toms kit

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hey i was talking with a guy at work and he said toms kit wont fit a 4 door se with the zetec engine. i said it will. what do you guys think because i have a 4 door se with the zetec and im buying his kit.
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why do i get the feeling that the guy at work is a turd?

I'm pretty sure that

a zetec(zx3) is a zetec(zx5) is a zetec(sedan) is a setec(wagon if it comes in those)

You should be fine as long as its a zetec...
correct, it doesn't matter if its a sedan, hatch or anything tom's zetec kit will fit any 2.0 zetec.
Well as long as it has a Zetec it will fit. When I was up there they were putting a kit in a sedan I'm not sure what kind it was but it was a sedan. Dude your fixed up if you go with Tom's kit he will take care of you no matter what.
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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