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top ten stupid track tricks

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what do you think could happen at vir. i'll give my #1 for me. at summit more than once coming through turn ten i have brushed the wiper stalk into intermitent. luckily have a long straight there to shut it off. once though i pushed it all the way to high wipe. god you feel stupid going past pit out in the dry w/wipers on.
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Tail of harness hanging out the door.
Got balck flagged for that one at Roebling. DOH!
rich that made me laugh and think of another. racing my alfa spider at bridgehampton on a nice hot day. those cars have a two piece driveshaft. right at pit out it broke, the rear half came down and dug into nice soft asphalt. stood car totally up on nose, put dent in hood and did it in front of everyone. next year noise rules come into play so i by db meter for emra. you might know whats coming. 1st car black flagged for loudness. me.
I went out on track one time with the window net AND bar hanging out of the top of my door. I had forgotten to secure it, and didnt ralize anything was wrong till i heard it bang the window in turn 2.
Did this one 20 years ago when I was racing motorcycles.

Never take a lantern in a port-o-pot at dusk....Seemed like a good idea at the time. Heard voices and laughing outside. then more, then more....looked up at the walls and thought oh,sh.. Did my business, got up and walked out with my lantern like I knew what I was doing. 60-70 people outside rolling on the ground.
Talk about exposing your shortcomings at the track. Still get kidded about it.
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dave, you and i keep dating ourselves. aren't we at the stage of life where we are supposed to be responsible. you know like playing with grandkids instead of playing with auto toys. of course if we were totally resonsible we wouldn't have porto-potty stories or this one. this did not happen to me but i saw it at bridge. last lap of small bore race, a lotus in the lead. as he passed pit in the right rear wheel leaves car. after several bounces, it beats lotus to checker. and if you remember ask me about the mazda in the tree story (really, happened at summit)

Was working runoffs at Rd Atl years ago Turn 12 before start stand. Randy Zimmer is driving an Alfa chasing down 1st place car. VERY low car, kept running over rumble strips. Next to last lap, he has ground down right lower shock eye and rearend lets go, held on by driveshaft, panhard bar and left shock. Rear axle ****ed, car is crabbing through turn 1 ,tires smoking and weaving. Randy holds on and we see him coming under the bridge at 11. I tell my partner on the turn, He ain't gonna make it and grab a fire bottle and start jogging toward start/finish to get down to track. Well he powers through 12 and sure enough spins before start/finish. Crosses the line backwards still spinning. Car stops on track driver's right and Randy has his head down on his chest, not moving. I think OH SH.. and run across track during a break in traffic, Last lap remember, so track is still hot. I bang on the car and ask if he is ok. Yeah, I was just talking to crew and they couldn't hear me, so I had my head down to block noise. I think he still managed 3rd or 4th.
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