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Track Attack Info


Okay, I know we’ve have a few questions about the Track Attack/NASA TT rules. Listed below is what each car and driver must have to be able to compete in the Track Attack.

Also We’ll have 4 x 20 min Sessions on Saturday and 4 x 20 min Session on Sunday (We also might have a 15 min session added at the end of the day). The 1st session will not count for time. If things go well on Saturday, they will open Sunday’s First session for time…If not it will be a practice session.
Also after the 1st session on Saturday, All cars will be grid fastest to slowest to limit the on track passing and allowing drivers to get more clean laps.
There’s a mandatory Download Drivers meetings after every Session. Most of the time these sessions only last 15 minutes. But, make sure your there. You will get you grid position for the next session at that time.

Anyone wishing to enter a NASA sanctioned TT Series must meet the following requirements:
• Be at least 18 years old (16 or over with parental consent—see CCR section 3.6)
• Hold a current valid state driver’s license—see CCR section 3.6 for minors.
• Have use of an automobile that meets NASA’s technical requirements (CCR 11.4)
• Hold a NASA, or a NASA sanctioned car club, current membership. (Nasa Membership)
• Have proper safety equipment, as per the CCR (Section 11.3—primarily an M95 or better helmet. The equipment requirements are no different than in HPDE.)
• Roll bar for ALL Convertibles. (Roll Bar Info) (CCR Section 11.4.7)
• Fully pay all applicable fees.
• Have no outstanding debts with NASA or NASA’s affiliates.
• Have knowledge of all of the rules found in the NASA National Time Trial rules and Club Codes and Regulations, and fully agree to abide by them.
• All drivers must be deemed physically fit by their physician to participate in a high stress and physically demanding sport such as auto racing (although a medical form is not required).
• Submit a signed waiver to registration at each event.
• Must be qualified to drive in the advanced, HPDE-4 Group. Entrants will be screened by the TT Director to ensure compliance.
• Entrant must get their car teched before going to registration (Tech Sheets).
• Entrant must fill out the NASA TT Classification Form.
Eligible drivers must complete a NASA TT License Application, and bring it to their first event (unless they have a NASA Competition Race License, in which case a TT License is not necessary). The Regional Director will sign the application after the driver successfully completes the first event, and if the driver is approved for a National TT License. The driver can then send the application and $10 to NASA to receive a TT License and be eligible for further TT competition.
All entered vehicles must be in good condition and appearance and must display a three-digit number on both sides of the car (8-inches high), and the rear of the car (4-inches high). Permanent NASA TT car numbers will be assigned by your Regional TT Director. All TT cars must also display a class designation on both sides and the rear of the car (4 inches high). Class Designations shall be TT followed by the group letter. For example, an A Group competitor would display “TTA” as a class designation. All cars must meet the safety and car preparation standards specified at Section 11.4 of the NASA CCR. All convertibles must meet the roll bar specifications contained in the CCR for HPDE participation.
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