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traction control delete

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I have a hypothetical question regarding the traction control system on the Focus. A lot of people want to get rid of the traction control. Rather than pulling out the ABS fuse, couldn't you simply block 3 of the wheel sensor signals and feed it the 4th signal to all 4 inputs on the ABS module (or wherever the signals go)? I'm just curious if this would work.
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- uhhh?

To disable the traction control TCS, just use the TCS disable switch located near manual brake.

Are you talking about electronic stability program (ESP)

Each whell speed sensor uses its own input, and output... that then is controlled by ABS, and ESP. Most of the time ESP is the one that people don't like, cause it can over ride the PCM to reduce engine idle, when ESP sees a wheel that is out of control. If you have ABS, than you have ESP, ABS, depends on ESP, and ESP depends on ABS, on some cars, you get TCS that works with ESP but it can be disable by using the switch.

Pulling your ABS fuse is one way to take ESP mechanical control (ABS) over the wheel since pulling fuse also disables ESP. Don’t forget that each wheel spins differently when you go in to hard turns or trying to escape upcoming car. So taking all outputs and putting as one, is a bad idea.
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