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Tribute Door Handle Part #\'s

I did some cross referencing on I have not verified these color codes with Ford. Im only posting this so you can use the information to help in your search for the right part numbers.

This is what I think I know:

The Sangria Red painted handle part number is YL8Z-7822404-BAC.

The Sangria Red painted shaved lock bezel part number is YL8Z-78218B08-BAC.

The Sangria Red painted key lock bezel part number is YL8Z-78218A14-BAC.

I ordered the handles and key lock bezels, $60, they are on backorder.

I think Ive found some of the other 3 letter color codes:

BAB-Cloud 9 white
BAS-Pitch black
CAA-Infra red
BAQ-Grabber green

Im not certain on these color codes, when I enter the part number it shows being for door handles/bezels.

They may not be the correct color numbers, or part numbers for Tribute handles.

I suggest that anyone desiring to use these numbers stop by thier local Ford dealer and have them run the part numbers and see what they show them being for.

I found part numbers for factory painted spoilers and used the last three digits of those part numbers for the handles because I figure every Sangria Red part ends in BAC, every Grabber Green part ends in BAQ, ect.

This isnt scientific, its just a guess. Im only trying to help.

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Re: Tribute Door Handle Part #\'s

Which color is the Focus silver (CD silver? paint TS I think)- satin silver or silver metallic?
Unfortunately CD silver is neither. If you look on it lists the Mazda Tribute Silver as paint code TL. Now if that is close enough or not we won't know until somebody actually buys them and sees.
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