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Turbo or Supercharger?

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I have a 2001 SE w/Zetec and the xtd warranty will run-out by 2007.

This is a daily driver that I like to drive and it is going to stay as a daily driver - no racing or auto-x.

What I want is more "oompf". I already have the SVT suspension and a set of 16" wheels so I can push the car a bit more. Not much, but a bit more.

With respect to either application, it would be a complete install and no short-cutting.

Any suggestions? I have time and I have the means. I want more than mild, less than wild.
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My jrsc with tune and pulley changes is much more than mild and I dont think it has changed any warranty for me because theres not much to blame on it. They did try to say the AC cuts out from the program and needed to be flashed
what a waste. Still had the problem and CEL on when I went to pick it up (had hooked the black box back up)

A full turbo project, now i know I may be wrong
,seems like they could find more things to blame problems on it as opposed to how the SC roots style attaches. Maybe maybe not depends on what problems you have with the auto. Either way expect Ford to hassle you when you claim warranty work
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Well how much are you looking to spend, what are you power goals.

A JRSC with the BBK might not be bad

What about the Power works kit?

Roush turbo kit?

I have a Vortech, I like it but it could really use so more Trq that so far has been hard to find
Do you have a manual?? Both the JRSC/BBK ($2800-roots blower) and FS/VF ($3000-centi blower) put out about 175 hp/155 tq. Roush turbo puts out about 200 hp/ 215 tq.

You have to figure out how much more oomph you want, how much you are willing to spend, where at in the rpm range you want that oomph, and if you are going to want more oomph later (I hear boost is addicting).
(I hear boost is addicting).
Very after only one summer on 8 psi and I already have the parts to make right around 14 psi for next spring.
19spi and wanting more........
I tend to lean more to the JRSC. To many people with turbos have problems.
I tend to lean more to the JRSC. To many people with turbos have problems.
Oh yes, and your whole 20 posts amount to a lot of credibility

A blanket statement such as the one you made only deserves one just as rediculous in return.
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JRSC is the best bang for the buck. Ray @ McNews was sellin them for $2800, that included the bbk. not a bad deal if you ask me.
JRSC w/ BBK for sure.
I have only had my JRSC/BBK for a few days now, but I love it. And Oscar Jackson in a true top notch car guy. He helped me work out some minor issues I had, and gave me a few calls to see how the install was going and how it was running. To me that's well worth $2800
I tend to lean more to the JRSC. To many people with turbos have problems.
Oh yes, and your whole 20 posts amount to a lot of credibility
The reason I read more on here and post less

Anyways I think the JRSC/BBK is a good idea to say it is cause turbos have problems maybe be pushing it just a little much.

You are plaining on going FI be it JRSC , a custom turbo kit and even in my case of a used kit there is going to be problems what they are and how much they cost to resolve really depends on if you the owner can fix it, someone you know, or be it you have to take it to a shop.

Just buy what fits best in to your budget. If you can wait a little but and save up some more coins then wait for a Power works kit. They have one thing a JRSC can only dream of.............air to water intercooler
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To say that turbo's have more problems is rediculous (might of spelled that wrong scott, can ya check for me?
). If the turbo is having problems, someone has either done something wrong, not tuned it correctly, or has done something else wrong or incorrect. A correctly done up turbo set-up should run just as well as any supercharger, you just need to put more time into it.
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Look at the amount of JRSC sold compare to any other kit!
The JRSC is a GREAT alternative for those who are initially looking to gain power by utilizing bolt-on's. Often times, the individuals who fit this criteria are those who want good kick for their daily driving vehicles.

Other than that, if one's looking for more robust power, relatively speaking, I would consider all other options.
The reason the JRSC has sold more is because its the cheapest kit you can buy on the market.

the biggest factors in choosing a SC or a Turbo are

1) Power goals
2) What you can run legally in your state
3) How much you can spend

1) Turbo's make the most power, both a turbo and SC are dependable and will most likely last longer than your ownership of the car. A JRSC is a descent start into the SC world, Vortec, PowerWorks and ATI are all good SC's and deserve credit where credit is due. Turbo wise there are a few kits out there like Gude and Rousch then there is Tom's stage 1 kit and his Full kit..... both are nice kits that make impressive power.

2) Legal issues..... some places have emmission testing and need CARB exempt stickers and some dont. Some kits have it.... some dont. If you HAVE to have it then you need to look into it and make a list of the kits that do have the CARB sticker and start deciding from there.

3) This is the biggest issue with MOST people... COST.

JRSC is a quick fix for the boost bug. If you want just alittle oomph thats affordable and can be upgraded later this is the SC of choice.

For Turbo the answer to me would be Tom's stage one kit, it relatively cheap for a turbo and makes around 200/200 at the wheels.

ATI, Vortec and PowerWorks all cost more but are intercooled in one way or another and are more expensive plus they make more power. ALL SC's can be upgraded by changing pullies.

Turbo kits out there like Rousch and Gude are OK, the Big Daddy out there right now is Tom's full kit it make more power than any other kit.... turbo or SC.... but it costs the most as well.

Some kits have tuning and some dont, I suggest whichever kit you go with go ahead and have it dyno tuned.

In the end it all boils down to an old saying....

Speed is a matter of money, how fast do you want to go....
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I've spent at least twice the amount of my focus when it was new trying to make it a sleeper. I just scrapped the JRSC because it couldn't give me the ooomph I wanted even after an Endyn treatment. If you want my best advice, read the signature below - I can state that from experience. As far as the best turbo kit, I'm having McNews install a modified Roush kit and we're expecting over 300/300 when it's done. The housing and bearings are being replaced, and I already have everything from chucking money at the JRSC like Tom's block, p & p head/cams, exhaust, and built ATX. If you really have the means you should go for it. Nobody expects a 12 second econobox and it takes quite a few people by surprise.
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