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Right update!

Been trying my hardest to get the car up to speed and ready for this Cadwell Time attack date that i had planned in May!

101 things to do and what feels like only a few days to get them done!

First things first was the DBW set up, i had attempted to map it in but i couldnt for the life of me get it working. I was a bitty annoyed but its not a simple process, but the fact that i was running out of days and i still didnt know if my wiering and componants were working was stressing me out!
I got alot of other jobs finished off, the dash put in place for example, wired all the digi gauges back up ect ect.
One night with matty at MB he spent about a hour fiddling through more settings than i remember changing on the syvecs and boom! I had a working throttle! Massive pressure release! with that sorted it was back offshore for another trip and another 2 weeks where i couldnt touch the car!

But got home this month and got the car out to the rolling road in the hunt for some low down torque!

Good few hours later i had picked up 30ftlbs down low, not a massive amount but hopefully enough to help me get going just a bit sharper! The new throttle body (13mm bigger) has certianlly helped the engine, im not going to lie i didnt really expect it to make much odds but it clearly has!

One thing that was noted (the syvecs doing its job here!) was the fuel pressure target was just ever so slightly under tolarance, nothing massive or dangerous but enough for the syvecs to flag it, matty changed the tolarances ever so slightly and it was never a issue again but it made me raise an eyebrow and then i remembered i hadnt fitted the new 2nd fuel filter :(

P'ed off tbh as i had just got my injectors cleaned, bit backwards changing the filter after running the cleaned injectors on the old filter!

New one installed, tables adjusted back... lession learned!

After the dyno day i did a full nut and bolt check on the car, and noticed a bit of CV grease on the subframe.... boot looked ok, so shaft removed for a closer look, no pin holes but it does look like its been leaking out of the CV boot between the two faces!

Cleaned up, re packed and reinstalled!

That was pretty much my 2 weeks at home up and i had now started to repack for going away racing (entry was officially in) i get home only a few days before i leave to drive down south so had to look out all my gear for packing right into the hire van!

I actually went away with work again and got home for a few days between trips, took this time to make up a bit of an air dam, last years racing seen some very high intakes and im 99% sure it was because the air was going over the intercooler and not thought it! so just a quick half hour in the garrage i had this knocked up, not pretty, and i still want to get the ducts welded onto the intercooler but this will hopefully force a bit more air thought the intercooler! (iv ordered a trim edge to close up the gap)

So with that done thats us up todate currently!

If your near cadwell park and have no plans for monday the 6th of may, id say come down and have a watch! il be in the focus pretending i know what im doing! and i dont bite :)


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Forum dead? Sad times, if anyone is still following heres pretty much the last 6 months

Cadwell! Aye- ticked that off the list !

So entered in the RWYB class for Time attack! big day of learning the track, few local guys there as well which is what i was scared off at first tbh, there is so much unsighted corners that track knowlage is key, youll see that from my vids that i really didnt know where to break, turn in ect ect , looks like a total newbe out on track haha!

So…. Time Attack – Cadwell Park,
Looking really forward to doing this track for a long time, got up Sunday, sun was out, I though awesome, question was how long would it last!
Line up for warm up – this was to see if the 100 laps of Cadwell on project cars were worth anything! They kinda were but one thing with Cadwell is the elevation change that you just can simulate! Its nuts!
In hold, and first things first – Oil, oil had been spilled, but it was dry. No maximum attack from me, just wanted to potter around and see where the track went (few unsighted corners to get used to!) All was going well until I decided to pick up the pace 4th lap in…. and boom famous 3rd gear combined with a miss shift, got away with it this time, think the clutch took the brunt of the incident. Session was then cut short to try make up time, Scary times as per the clip below! Time: 2:00.3 -
Confidence knocked and tbh at his point not entirely sure what I had done to the car, few checks, logs on ECU confirmed I never went over 8150rpm, I was relived and set my sights on a better practice run, and tbh it was a flop, more oil down and just as we waited to go on the heavens opened up! Oil, rain, slicks and a car set up really stiff for the aero, and 3rd gear being temperamental on the up change (damaged dog ring) I was doomed from the start, wasn’t really going to post this clip but it gives you an idea of how much work I had to put in! Also cut short again, time improved to put me P3 Time: 1:56.2
So happy that the times had dropped, disappointed in the red flags and session cut short, but everyone else was in the same boat. On to Qualifying and a new tactic was born, just send it haha! Not wanting to risk not getting a lap in I just decide id go out and get a bit of space and just go for it! All was going well set a decent time considering it was still raining and still oil on the track, after a flyer I did a cool down lap and then decided to go for it again, made a bit of a mess coming though the trees and due to how slippy it was I missed a gear and then stalled the car, bumped it but as you’ll see in the clip the car wasn’t happy, I think the syvecs got a little confused when bump started it and long story short I had to retire (see clip below) Luckily I had set a P1 time of 1:52.7 but it was now obvious it was going to be between myself, Eric & Steven in there Evo’s and Kevin in a R35 GTR (tall order for the focus!)
Final Report to follow!

So Final! As you can figure, the day wasn’t exactly going to plan (bar the P1 in Qualifying and the car still being in 1 bit!)
I was disappointed tbh with my performance, the car was ok, but not perfect, few things needing tweeked but il get there, and myself, I was shocked looking back at these videos tbh! Not sure what I was thinking!
So game plan was to be clean, I had been rushing everything all day, and it just wasn’t working, I had to calm down, take my time and just try be nice and smooth and hope I pick the right breaking points and lines and sting something good together! It was still wet, starting to dry up although no dry line and still oil on the racing line. Went with the same tactic as before, get the car out, scrub the tyres and do a fast lap, sadly I took a bit of time to find some track space (as I had now learnt this was a massive part of getting a good quick lap in) Eric holms was on top, I was over 5 seconds behind with 4 laps to go (didn’t know this while out!)
I set my self-up for a fast lap but had to abort it mid run due to Eric spinning off on the slippy surface, still kept the flow going as I had the track to my self and knocked a second off Eric, cool down lap, then 2 laps to go…. Composed I went for it again, but sadly caught a Clio right at the last 3 corners of the track, lap was much better, 1.3 seconds now behind Eric, I had nothing to loose and knew time wouldn’t be on my side so I just went for it again, Clean track, grip! (sort off!) (fastest lap included a wee slide though corner 2!) everything was working! Had clocked a civic a head, but thought id not have another chance so had to keep going, got to the same place as I caught the Clio the lap before but had no option but just to keep my cool and see what happened, struggled with traction out the corner in my haste and then mis-shifted into 5th… **** my life, then i seen the checked flag was out! That was it!
Looked at the lap timer, I thought it said 1:59.something , round the first corner and some guy in a black bmw was jumping up and down pointing at me ( I just gave him a thumbs up ! haha!) but then it clicked! It was a 1.49.4 and the fastest lap in the final! Delighted!
Confirmed when I seen my dad and he and jon were giving it the big thumbs up! Over the moon I was able to pick away at the grip, with a damaged box, and with just 17 laps of Cadwell under my belt!
2 flying laps on board!

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Last 6 weeks update, Nothing super exciting just expensive !

Clutch - the miss shift from 2nd back to 1st had nearly finished the clutch, it was due a replacement anyway so it prob saved the engine tbh!

I wasn't overly concerned about it or the condition tbh. It had been in the car since the engine build back in 2013 and considering what its dealing with i was more than happy with how it was.

New material measured in at 7.9mm this was down to 7.25mm, not a massive drop but i measured about .6mm before it was flush with the rivets. What was interesting to see was some of the pad had broke away from the surface. Not sure what causes that. Any ideas?

If i was to hazard a guess on mileage id say around 3500 miles.

Next - Gearbox, Well this was overdue, i knew it was coming.

So the gearbox, it was needing some much-needed TLC , 4 years since the last time 3rd gear exploded. About 2500 miles of mainly track and dyno time, several oil changes and lots of swearing and mi****ting for good measure.

So without naming names, i was reluctant to sending the gearbox back to the original place that built it for me new, i always thought the box just wasn't quite right, i mean it wasn't bad just wasn't what you'd expect a £6500 box to shift like. So though talking to various people and the man himself i decided to take the box down to Andrew and his team at Automek.

Explained the things that was going wrong, why i wasn't happy and what i thought was wrong with it. It was decided that the whole box be stripped and fully inspected to see what was wrong and going on, lots of detailed messages and photos of what Andrew had found when opening up the box (it wasn't good!) Loads of damage to the drive plates, few chipped/destroyed dog gears and drive plate dogs it wasn't a pretty picture.

Box was fully shimmed before and after and there was a good bit of shimming needed to bring the box into spec, result of bearings settling or shimmed wrong first time around i dont want to say.

Anyway, all back together and full bill of health with everything replaced that was needed.

Some solid advice and a switch of oil is also happening so i really can't wait to get the box back in and try it out!

All that was replaced.




Cooling. So, the focus has never really had much of a temp issue, or at least one that Iv noticed.

The car is mainly used in sprints, no lap after lap racing, but more recently formats have changed and Iv also had a dabble into the time attack series.

Both changes seen the car doing more than a few laps “on it” and although I’ve never had a issue, the temps are all logged on syvecs and when looking back through the data you can’t help but think’

Change to a 15 min session where your picking between traffic and track space, having to cool the car is a bit of a pain!
This became apparent at Cadwell Park, and I was never off low boost ?.

So first alarm bell was intake temp, the intake temp started to get silly, and it was put down to the new front end having to much routed for the air to travel - air always travels the easiest route and if that’s over and around a rad, rather than through it, that’s exactly what it will do! Off course no air flow though a rad - no cooling effect ?*♂.

So to combat that a blank was fitted to force air though the intercooler - that seemed to work! Happy days.

But with the longer track time, the water and oil temps were not only getting hotter, they would take ages to recover and that’s a tell tail that the rads arnt working!

Looking at the front set up it’s clear with little to no shrouding of the rads the air just went over rather than through.

So this is all testing phase (hope to have data to back up my trials) basically shrouding off as much as I can forcing the air through rads and as you can see air coming in the top grill would just go over the top of them. Hopefully my home made grill/shroud combo would force air through the rads.

I have a little bit to box in the bottom of the intercooler as well but I’m feeling positive

All the rads!

Path over the top

And boxed in

Thanks !

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Sooo Winter work is well under way! Long, prob boring read.

For its last MOT i had to do a chunky repair to the Sill, i knew this day would come so after i patched it i decided it was time to put new sills on it.


Because i have a touch of OCD i couldn't just put new sills on it, i would have to do something with the rear arches, now you can get pattern ford focus rs rear arches as some classic car company bought the stamps from ford, but i decided to go down the route of getting the rear wide arches to match the front. Full carbon kevlar rear 1/4 panels.

Because i was doing the rear arches i decided the underside of the car could do with a bit of TLC so thats where we will start.

So, this is what i was faced with, 17 years old, 80 odd thousand miles of fords finest metal with Scotlands all season roads! :(

Doesnt look to bad....

Tank dropped.

Small mirical i didnt find any holes

So the long and pain staking process of scraping all the underseal off and buffing all the surface rust off started! it prob took me about 20 hours all in to removed it all, horrible stuff and not fun doing it on your back!

The whole underside was then treated with rust converter.


Whole lot was then Zinc sprayed

Then painted with 2 pack expoy

I was going to raptor coat it but i think il just leave it with this, its fairly hard stuff and iv been using it on the wheel wells for the last year and a bit and its still in good nick so i think for the underside it will be fine and saves adding any more weight!

Rear axle dragged out, love how easy it is to drop the whole lot in a 1er!

And although a jet wash would of seen it ok, full strip down was done!

and sent off to Customised Coatings

At the same time the nuts and bolts that didnt round were sent off to get re zinc plated

So due to the wide arches being about 1.5" wider each side, even my plan to run the square 255 set up on the 9J rims all round would leave the rears looking a little lost!

Luckily i can rob bits from the ford racing puma and 20mm axle spacers should work out just fine.
They need a little trim to clear the ABS sensor like so.

I then got the rear axle built back up and mounted on the car.

Which then allowed me to get the rear hub spacers installed and brakes all built back up.

Il need to run new brake lines due to the axle spacers, but il do that when im running new lines underneath.

Can see the beefy spacers here!

IMG_0791 by Jack Strathdee, on Flickr

So that's really the last 6 weeks update! Hopefully in my week at home in December i get a good crack at replacing the sills and then its onto the rear arches!


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Re: Mk1 Focus RS 500bhp+ Racecar Build

I'm still here bro. Just telling a coworker the other day about your adventures with this car. If anything I still enjoy the updates and videos.

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Nice to see you bro's still checking in ! With the Mk1 now being over what, 20 years old i feel they are slowly fading away. The next update with the new sils and wide rear archs should be an interesting one !

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So home for 7 days in December! Fun!

So no mucking about got stuck right into it! Took a little longer due to mainly the creating of the side sill where the exhaust comes out. I wanted it all boxed in so it was all nice and strong. Also iv never fitted sill stands before so a few youtube videos later me and my mate Craig were ready to go!

So the sills, when i did my repair from what i could see it wasn't looking good. Pulled the whole sill off, and they actually wernt as bad as i thought they were going to be! There were no holes other than right at the rear in front of the back arch, there was a few crusty bits so decided while we were doing the sill stands replacing the whole lot was the best thing to do while balls deep in it!

Picture of said sill.

Got excited and didn't actually take much photos, will try to remember when i do the other side!

The whole front section was replaced here.


and all boxed in

So then it was onto the rear arches, RS fans, look away now haha!

Its not all what it seems, they were needing cut out and replaced anyway. And now i can fit the 255's in the rear with room for more if i wanted!

Rear tubs made

Now the RS is already wider than the standard focus, iv added another 2" on to each side!

Gives you a slightly better idea

and the rear arch panel just held in place

and stuck 4 rivets in just so i could do the fit and finish work

So thats it, prob not going to be much updates from now. Away on holiday in Jan so prob wont get near the car until feb ! :(

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I don’t know if I’ve ever posted in here or not but I always check in when there’s an update. Very impressive work always enjoy the updates keep up the good work! I just did a restoration on my mk1 Svt focus stripped everything out painted it all I used the raptor bed liner for the underneath and it’s awesome nice and hard chip resistant. I live in Massachusetts where the roads are heavily sanded and salted and with a quick wash it still looks like the day I applied it with no chips or nicks. My Svt is my daily with just about everything on it including a custom turbo kit so it gets hit by every aspect of weather unfortunately.

What are you currently running for a turbo I’m sure it’s posted somewhere just a lot to go through haha?

Happy Holidays!

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Nice how much boost are you running and when do you hit full boost? And what are you currently making for power?

I’m running a gt2871r but I have to change it out chipped some blades and have some play in the shaft so I got a gt2876r. I want more power (my next engine) so I’ll be going with a bigger turbo just trying to get an idea. I’d like to switch over the gtx series when I go bigger I’ve been looking at bigger ones like gtx35s I just don’t want crazy lag. My goal is 500 daily whp and 750 weekend whp.

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i was running about 26psi which was 450 Fly hp - Full boost was at 4200rpm but this was on a map that i felt had a flat spot between 3k - 4k. I have since had mapping work done and its night and day, but i Havant done a power run nor got any logs to look back through, but if i was to guess i think its on full song at 3900rpm now, and we are running about 29psi of boost.

My last time out racing i never had it off low boost which is 18psi so sadly cant give you the latest figures. There is zero lag between the gears tho! its crazy!

This video if you watch on a PC on full screen in HD youll see the boost gauge (its a 0-30psi gauge, about 1pm is 10psi, about 3pm is 20psi and 30psi is round at 5ish)

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i was running about 26psi which was 450 Fly hp - Full boost was at 4200rpm but this was on a map that i felt had a flat spot between 3k - 4k. I have since had mapping work done and its night and day, but i Havant done a power run nor got any logs to look back through, but if i was to guess i think its on full song at 3900rpm now, and we are running about 29psi of boost.

My last time out racing i never had it off low boost which is 18psi so sadly cant give you the latest figures. There is zero lag between the gears tho! its crazy!

This video if you watch on a PC on full screen in HD youll see the boost gauge (its a 0-30psi gauge, about 1pm is 10psi, about 3pm is 20psi and 30psi is round at 5ish)
Wow ok sounds good thank you very much for the information I’ll definitely have to check out the video on my computer later.

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So hope everyone had a good Christmas and new year!

Back to the broken record that is the focus.

So onto the other side, this was supposed to be the easy side but after grinding away the paint the signs were there that this side might be hiding more than meets the eye. The front part of the sill was no surprise, due to a "off" back in the early days of my ownership the front sill was flattened. I should've gotten it fixed correctly there and then but i was young and dumb! The front inner needed a bit of patch work to return the strength back to it. What was left was cleaned up and straighten out, and if no use cut out.

So this was further down.

Not terrible but when combined with the front section it was decided to just cut the whole lot off.

Bye bye sill

Front section in detail, luckily it didn't go very deep so was all cut out and replaced.

Thought i took a photo of the new lip but cant seem to find it, but as you can see first sill stand fitted

Rear sill stand fitted, That last 15" of sill was actually cut out after this and replaced.

Rear tub, tubbed.

Lower sill made to match the arch.

Love how fat it looks here.

And full sill all fitted and in primer.

So big thanks to my mates Craig and Scotty for helping, non of us are welders, but all love cars and fabbing bits and bobs up, Super pleased all the metal work has been done!!

I'm now away on holiday and then back to work so i won't see the car until February now! But its now on the rebuilt phase so only way is back together which is a nice feeling!


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Sooo, continuing on from last post. Times past but iv spend 2 weeks in japan, 4 offshore... what time at home haha!

So got the sills painted with bilt hamber epoxy. Think i might go over the sills with some stone chip, just to add another layer off protection.

Next up was rear 1/4s, on off on off on off, just tweaking the panels to fit. They are racing panels but the fit is incredibly good. Just trying to do as much prep as i can because these are to be wrapped you cant hide defects with high build primer (well you can, but thats just more weight) Careful sanding out of little imperfections is the better way imo.

Fixing the panels, i wasn't sure what to do. I know the cars purpous is a track car, but im also not one for just chucking something on. I spent a bit to long trying to figure out what i was wanting to do, bond on, rivets or rivnuts and bolt the panel on, Decided to rivnut them for a few reasons, Smaller heads and a neater finish than rivnuts but not as permanent as bonding them on.

Offside fitted up and wrapped.

Next was the Nearside, This had me scratching my head for a while. Mainly the fuel door. I still use the standard tank. Its in a pretty good place as standard, rear bias with it being fairly low. So i was reluctant to get rid of it. So that means you have 2 hoses to deal with, Filler and filler breather. Doing away with the standard fuel cap door had its own problems. Mainly surrounding the breather and vents of the tank. In the end i decided to reuse the original door and filler neck. This ment welding on the outer part of the skin (the door uses this to mount)

So Nearside on and wrapped.

So next job was to seal the seam from metal tub to carbon arch, tiger seal then haha!

So now that i had the spacers on i could check rear wheel fitment. Plan had always been to run the same ET20 wheel that i use up front on the rear. Keeps things simple.

The arch had more to cut out but it was hella close. So decided rather than chop the arch lip more, id just go down from the ford 20mm spacers on the rear to 15mm ones. Quick look on ebay and i got some from Anembo Engineering, more than twice the price of the ford ones but but looked to be much better quality . Sadly even though the stated the had the abs sensor cut out, i still needed to give them a tickle with the grinder.... kinda not what i expected but hey no hard feelings.

Rear hubs bolted back on and its 5mm of space thats gave me the clearance i need. I think for the 265's on the rear il still need to cut the arch regardless!
So that was the main winter rebuild basically complete. Need to get some side skirts made so the cars hopefully going to be up at calum hayes this time home to get them made.
Next up was the front end aero. Looking at speed trap times the car is a few mph down the straights, and im blaming the front end areo maybe being a bit to much for the power levels. Iv made V3 of the front canards, so hopefully this still gives me some down force and free's up some straight line speed.

Next was cutting into my plexi window, for what ever reason Time Attack says you need to have a hole in your window. I had never done this before now because i didn't need to for SLS and i didn't see the need for it, when going window sliders dont seem to let much air in, and they also open up a security risk. So call to Plastics4Performance and i got a locking window slider kit made and send out.

Armed with an old xzibit CD case as a template cut a hole in the window and bolted the slider in.

So tank back in, connected up and all hoses connected. Gave the swirl pot a prime and boom car fired into life. Chucked the exhaust back on and it was good to roll outside for a wash and a few photos!
Had planned on using the standard rear bumper but it doesn't fit. So phone call and a carbon one ordered! 5 weeks out tho :(

Lots of little jobs to finish between now and hopefully time attack in may.

Side skirts to be made/fitted
New alloys to turn up (ordered)
Fit rear bumper.
Get new front arm bushes and fit them.
Get the car set up geo wise.
Im half tempted to get it back on the dyno for a few tweeks to the map but dont think its necessary.

Other than a nut and bolt check and mount of new tyres i think it should be ready to go!

Some photos of the semi completed look running both the 9j 18's on the same side.

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