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Under car kit

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Hello all first time poster. I bought an streetglow under car kit and of course it dosnt fit my front grill area. Any suggestions?
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hello there,

i'm from close to lewisburg pa.

we are practically neighbors... anyways.

what front grill you have? i used to have underbody and mine fit fine.
factory for now
i've installed a neon kit on my SVT and to fit the front grill tube i had to do a little cutting. my method was this:

when you look under the front lip and up at the front of the engine bay, there should be a long black plastic piece that covers the bottom of the radiator. remove this piece. it's actually clipped to the radiator at a few points, just wiggle it gently (GENTLY) and it'll work out of place. DON'T YANK ON IT. after you have this piece removed you'll notice that there is a long flex line near the bottom. you can cut the plastic off past this flex line, and keep only the short end. after you've done this, you'll be able to see that there are some clips holding the radiator in place, bolted into the front bumper. remove these clips, one at a time, and then place the tube clamps between the clip and the metal. bolt the clips back into place. now your tube is anchored. reinstall the short black radiator guard, and you're done. with the bulk of that radiator protector removed you'll have lots of light flooding both under the car and out the front grill, and the remainder of the black plastic piece will protect both the radiator AND the tube from road debris, dirt, etc.

if you'd like pics i can email some to you, or you can use the search function (look up under body kit) and the photos will be available there.
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Thanks for the info.
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