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update on the "little red machine" lol

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these are some new pics i have of the car.. i did some changin of the interior a little

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See i have the same wheels, and i painted them black, and i have a white zx3, i would wanna re-due my wheels black and paint the insides white, but that looks to difficult to do! and i don't kno if it'll look right
^^ "debadging" is removing the "focus" "zx3" emblems, much of a cleaner look, trust me
oooooooooooooooo ok i gotcha ya thats what i jhad on my other car..

idk i kinda like how they look and who knowss.. maybe ill change it over sometime
If u don't kno how to do it, just ask:thumbup:
1 - 3 of 26 Posts
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