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updated pics....go through first four or five to get to new ones

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my pics

be will load
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Looks good! what kind of hood is that.
nice car, but I think the stock rims look better than your aftermarket choice. just am opinion tho. if i was gonna 'updrade' the svt wheelsw/o doing any body work, I'd go with the OZ Cronos
it's a fiber images far as the wheels go...these are just temporary until i get either centerline excels or rh cp8r's...basically i just got tired of my stock rims and traded a friend of mine for the meantime though...i'm thinking of powdercoating them gunmetal or bronze...found someone who can do all four wheels for $100
Is the powder coater a friend or a company. That is a very interesting price.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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