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Useing Jackstands after jacking car

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Who has had experience and success puting jackstands under the Focus after jacking the car from the normal jacking points?

After jacking the car, that location is not available for a jackstand. I tried the front A arm mount and it appeared to be bending!

Any experience or insights.
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There are a couple of points. About 1 foot behind the front A-arm mount, there is an open spot about 10 inches in diameter that I have lifted the car up several times using a 2-ton lift. Look for parts of the frame, as well; this is more tricky, since if you are not careful you can hook onto the ground effects inadvertently.

There are two "frame rails" that run underneath the car, between 1 and 2 feet from the doors. I've used those "rails" for jacking and jack stands dozens of times with no bending or damage.
^^^What he said.

Or you could look in your OWNERS MANUAL where it shows you PICTURES of the jacking points.
The stuff in the owners manual about jackpoints is garbage.. I've tried.. it describes removing some little panel on the plastic moulding that flat out does not exist
What? Mine doesnt have anything like that.

It has a pic of the car from the side, with arrows pointing and closeups of the notches in the frame rails (behind the front wheels and in front of the rear wheels).

If your manual is that weird, sorry for the extreme sarcasm before.

Just how does one place a jackstand at the same location that the jack is???????? Hello.

Read my thread again please.

As an aside, the SVT has a body panel/molding that obscures the notches on the rocker panel seam. One has to measure the 6in and 15 in from the front and rear wheel well opening to be "exact".
I was able to get the jack as close to the wheel as possible (and at the right angle) then had just enough room for the stand.
For the front of the car I use two points on the front cross member, if you look under the car towards the outer ends of the cross member you will see a raised area anout 1.5" wide and about 3" long. These pads make a perfect resting place for jack stands, I use these all the time and they work perfect. For the rear, I use the cross tube that runs between the lower control arm pivot points, the ends of the cross tubes have a shightly upward bend on either end but if you place your jack stands there at the end just before the upward bend it works great.
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