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Are one or more of my valves sticking?

Upon switching off the engine, I hear 2 to 4 ticks. And, if I put my ear up close to the head to listen, after those 2 to 4 ticks, I hear what sounds like a valve somewhat slowly closing and compressing air.

There is no difference in sounds whether I run the car hard, or just simply turn off the car, and then turn it off.

Additional notes, my motor is a low compression short block, with a modded head with 1mm oversized valves. There is no FI setup installed. Installed also is a FocusSport 4-program chip, and included is a 93 octane program, as well as an 87 octane program.

Also, it's interesting to note, I've used the 93 octane program for pretty much the whole 13k life of the engine. However, recently, I started using the 87 octance program, and it wasn't long after so that this ticking noise came about.

Any ideas? Any cures to offer? If it is in fact a valve sticking, what can/has to be done to remedy?

Thanks in advance.

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