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Welcome Back, Rich.
Thanks. Another old school name I remember. Cool.
i didnt even own a focus when this tread started, so im rather thankful it was bumped :D
No problem. About a decade ago (egad that is scary) this forum was the place to go if you were going to track or autocross a Focus. It may still be and the memory is generally sweeter than the reality, but if you search in this forum, you will be amazed at what you can find. We had a cadre of folks who combined would put about ≈10,000 track miles on the Focii annually. There was an amazing amount of information generated on what could wrong (particularly valuable since there was no previous information), so really great thinking about how to address the problems and, best of all, a real spirit of camaraderie that is so rare in online communities.

Rather than wax nostalgic, maybe I'll do something...

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Thanks Lorin. I figured that there are probably still a few people around here who care about having the best information possible. The way I look at it, there is no expiration date on good advice, so who cares how old it is?

I should be around a bit more. How you been? Still carrying the FJ banner at the SCCA Nationals and do all Focus owners proud? Who else from the good old days is still around here? I got a block with a hole in it and a passenger front corner that is half a foot back from where it should be that need attention. One of the struts is dead. Think I should get some Konis?
Reading this 14 years later, I still find this useful:)
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