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vents in hood?

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I know that several people(many different types of cars) have vents or scoops in their hood. I have never asked anyone though why this isn't a problem with rain. It's obviously a problem if water gets into the wrong parts of th engine, so how are people avoiding the water issue?
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The vents aren't over any sensitive places or wrong parts of the engine like the intake or spark plugs, etc.

I've sprayed my engine down with a hose, and while being careful not to hit those certain areas, it has never been affected.
Actually with teh Cervinis hood it allows water to get to the MAF sensor ( a friend of mine has actually had to replace his before because of that)

I also have the Cervinis hood but place piece of foam (sponge like material) in the vent to block the rain from going directly in there.
Newer 2.3 and 2.0 have coil on plug so he dont have to worry about a wet distributor but it would concern me that water was pouring all over my electronics under the hood, but im sure the engine bay is desighned to be able to handle some water sence obviosly its not fully enclosed
I had a vent in the hood of my was fairly large.

It rains all the time in Houston and I never had a problem with it. Also, the owner of the car now...still drives it with the vent.

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I have the EVO hood and it rains in on the plugs a little and the turbo, but so far this has not been an issue

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i cut my stock hood similar to 99 wrc model, and it shows air intake but mine is CAI, and it is silled in aluminum+carbon fiber, so rain is not an issue..
cool thing about vent is that, when outside is cold, you can see heats actually coming out.
No issues with my vents, I have a RAI on mine so it sits close to the hood... then again I live in sunny Cali
But when it pours (like it did earlier this year), I don't have any issues with the vents.
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