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Vinyl Stickers

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Anyone know the best way to put vinyl stickers on without getting the bubbles, and make sure they sick.
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Use a combination of johnsons baby shampoo and water in a spray bottle. Then use a hand held squegee to slowly press the water out, pressing the bubbles out as it goes.
Then any bubbles that are left can be popped with a needle... Dont laugh, its the way the pros do it...
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Yeah, if you ever see someone tint, they do the same thing. The guy who tinted mine even used one of those sheet things you put with clothes in the dryer - he told me it gets rid of all the static electricity so its easier. Thats might be something you might want to try too.
Thanks, I'll give it a try.
i use a VERY FINE mist of windex..and a credit card,,start from the middle and work the bubbles to the outside
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i wouldn't recommend windex. if you dont work fast enough, it will eat away the glue on the vinyl. go with the first post. water and just a little soap in a spray bottle. make sure the surface is clean by rubbing it with alcohol.
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cant believe you waste alcohol like that...
See less See more car likes the taste just as much as i do. who am i to deprive what my car wants.
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