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VIR people with PS2s

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How many people going to VIR have PS2s and GT3? Possibility for some afterhours head-to-head competition?
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Bench racing at its finest

Just imagine GT4 with online play come march!

As a note: Guttedhatch is slow even on Ps2
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just the camcorder to watch replays and piss myself off saying early apex, early apex.
Friends don't let friends early apex.
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that's a nice way to put it. when i took a good friend and very good instructor out at summit, he used the expression for early approach to turn ten that went , "a little ******* apex would be nice. the excuse that it was first time in new car did not matter. he since has at least said, nice lines. yes we swap in car videos and critique each other. and yes, he's the one who convinced me to move up a gear there. yes rob you were right. less noise, less shifts, much smoother. love carrying 4th from 7 till pit out past ten, and catching 4th at 2 right till 5. remember every downshift is two shifts. one down, one up. less shifting means less upsetting the balance of the car and more time spent driving. funny thing is, as i know too well, less is almost always more on a road course. lurid slides need not apply.
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