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Volant vs. Focussport CIA

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How does the volant intake compare to the focussport cool-air intake? Which has more top end power?
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both are pretty good. I like the volant from personal experience. I don't think you will really notice a large difference throughout the power band between the two, but I do like how loud my volant is at high rpm's. Anyone care to comment about the FocusSport?
FS is kick ass. Volant rocks too (i run one my wagon). I'd say similair gains. The ITG filter (on the FS) is plain cool though... The FS intake is also less expensive. I would think that the Volant gives a slightly cooler charge because of its design. It also has a smoother tube design.
Sometimes Volants will give this weird boomy sound because of the airbox though.

Arrghh. Tough choice. I'd go FS.
I vote for FS. While Volant will give you better IATs at a standstill, a properly ducted snorkel will overcome any box advantage the volant has... and further... the ITG filter is by far the best on the market. I wish I still had one.
I just bought a FS for my Zetec, however I cant tell you my results yet because Im still waiting for my ECU to come back from ford. And I believe that my results may be a bit tainted...seeing how when I took off the AEM, I replaced it with a JRSC/BBK and a FS cool flo. So its gonna be hard for me to tell what gains are made from the FS alone. But I vote FS too.
i cant give my opinion on the volant, but i must say im very satisfied with my FS coolflo. I doubt the sheild does much of anything with my carbon hood, because it doesnt seal against it, but if your running a stock hood, the fs is great. ITG filters rock too.
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I vote volant with an ITG filter.

The Cool-flo ITG will not fit in the volant, however, so you will have to get the correct size.
does the FS have a nice sound to it?
its got a real nice sound.
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Does anyone have a picture of what the FocusSport looks lik installed? I will probably buy one when I get home, but I guess I am just curious. Thanks.
The ITG Air filter is the best there is, I dynoed my Focus with a K&N and then swapped to a ITG filter and made 3 more hp while the car was still hot
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Does anyone have a picture of what the FocusSport looks lik installed?
Randy, yall seriously need to dyno test different intakes, the Volant vs FS Cool-flo has been an arguement for as long as I can remember.

I remember yall had a Volant for sale, did you ever get it on the dyno?
It would be a waste for me to do a dyno test/comparison, it would look biased.

Sold the Volant a long time ago. I did dyno the car while it was on, but never a comparison, it was for tuning experience only.
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