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VWRX Beetle - Very Nice Homebrew Conversion

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Man, that is one bad ass bug! I can't even imagin how fast that thing is!!!!!

Although I would still rock the 510 with the SR20 that was on here a few days ago!
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Pretty sweet. I was contemplating doing that to my old bug back in the day. Not to crazy about his color choices but mechanically it's awesome.
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part german, part japanese = germanese
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Dear God! I bet that scoots. I saw a guy put a WRX engine in a minibus, too (I don't remember which website it was).
At Norwalk this weekend, I saw a New Beetle w/ a 509 they made it fit, I don't know. There was about
|-----------| between the slicks though
It was funny to see a VW wheelstand off the line.
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by far the exiest beetle to have ever been created
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