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W-Typ... mix and match

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Ok... i just want a lip kit for now, but in the future i wanna replace my front bumper with something else, what would be some good matchches for the Wtype Sides and rear... what kind of front end would ya put on...

thanks for the ideas...
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I have the same kit and plan on changing the rear to a euro rear and the front to either an SVT front with the Wtype lip on it or the RS front bumper with a nice lip on it.
i always wanted the rs front... but for right now its tooo expensive. anyone else have any ideas ?
The avenger kit uses the W-typ sides, and the rear for sedans.
I will most likely be getting the RS replica from MMW. I was wondering what the RS front would look like with say the W-Type Sides and Rear lip? Anyone have any opinions or pics? Peace
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get the rieger it looks great! The one on that turbo orange focus.
I have the SVT front w/ W-Type sides and rear lip, I think they go together well.
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