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wagon shocks

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hi guys sence i got my wagon ive changed the rear shocks about 5 times now. its been the right side all the time but the side has acked up too . ive bought kyb stock repacements and ie got monroe sencatracks ? on there now . my left side is now making a noise like the shock is busted . has anyone had any problems with wagon shocks ? what would cause this to happen ? i cant afford to upgrade to a better kit now . is there a way to convert to the zx3/4dr style strutshocks ? or witch shocks are the best for the buck for the wagon ? thanks
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When the right rear shock on our '02 wagon sprung a leak I replaced them with the Ford shocks for the ZTW (there are 2 shock listings; the ZTW shocks are a bit firmer). P/N is YS4Z18125AJ. So far so good.
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