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water gauge install problem

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<font color="blue"> WTF bought a water temp and the instructions were poorly written i have placed everthing where it needs to be but the temp doesn't rise at all i placed a t-fitting in there b/c there is this metal peice that must make contact with the coolant the website dones't have any instructions the site is thank goodness i bought a autometer oil presssure gauge and it is as precise as can be.... some1 please help me figure this problem out thanks.... </font>
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ok,tough to explain right. In order from your gauge to the water, it goes wire, sending unit, adapter, then water. The sending unit itself has to be grounded. Where the wire comes in the top, that part puts out the signal. If you want to test this theory, turn on your car and let it warm up, then take a piece of wire and run it from the neg on your batt to the side (where the hex is for the wrench to grab) and watch the gauge work. Mine started off kinda working but was inconsistent. As it turns out, the sender was grounding thru the water to the head. weird. hope this helps.

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