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What class for Auto X?

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I looked at the rule book to try to find out what class my car would be in. So with the Mods in my Sig and with fordracing stage 2 cams and KW Variant Stage 1 coil over what class would that put me in?

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I believe the cams put you into SM. Without it, the cat/TB puts you into FSP.
woops nm
would it be better to go with the cams and get bumped into SM or Stay with out it and stay in FSP?
You are probably better off in FSP. Street mod is a free for all. At least around here.
it all depends on how competetive you want to be. if you dont care about winning then leave your ride as is and just go have fun. if you do care about winning, i think you wouldnt like SM
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I've ran SM, and while not really prepped for the class, or too worried about it, Lorin got with a few tenths of Vik Sias's M3 of death in the that was cool.

I think my car ends up in EP right about now....or I'm hovering on the SM/EP borderline...
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fsp is a tricky class. if you have more than a few people in the class, chances are they're sub-2000lbs cars with at least as much WHP as you do, and REALLY good suspension. plus, FSP isn't a very big class anywhere. it is fun to play with the setup though. SM will always have more people, and lots of noncompetitive people, because it's where a lot of folks just get dumped because they modified their cars well past the level of their driving skill.
Focuses easily have the potential to dominate FSP.

Focus is to FSP what BMW is to DSP.
time and money will tell
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